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Scania Bridgekonsult was founded in 1986 by Mats Nilsland, Magnus Lindkvist and Anders Wirgren, but from 1998 Anders Wirgren is sole in charge. The company has mostly published bridge books, and has so far edited 19 titles: 14 original works and 5 translations from English books.
  We also sell the much discussed bridge book from 2005: I Fought The Law of Total Tricks, written by Mike Lawrence and Anders Wirgren, a critical study of the popular Law of Total Tricks. To continue the discussion started in the book, we have put up a web site, where you can submit questions or deals, or learn more about the new method proposed in the book.
  We also offer two of our own bridge programs, Scania BridgeDealer and DealGenerator, with which you can generate deals for bidding practice – either randomly dealt or with restrictions on one, two or three of the hands.
  If you're keen on solving problems, why not take a look at our competition, which started on February 22, 2000, and appears regularly. There you'll find a tricky and unusual problem. If you enter the correct solution (and are lucky in the draw), you'll win a book from our store. The winners on our 43rd problem are Lars Andersson and Hans Göthe. The 44th problem was uploaded on January 24, 2013; and the deadline for solutions is February 28, 2013.
  Do you miss something, or have suggestions how this site could be improved? Press the mailbox below and send an e-mail to us. Do you like it? Tell your friends! Thank you – and Good luck with your bridge!

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