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Scania Bridgekonsult has two bridge programs (both written by Anders Wirgren), which genererates random deals or deals with restrictions on one, two or three of the hands. The programs are easy to use, are statistically correct and are available both for Macintosh (OS 7.0 or later) and Windows (-95 or later).
  Scania BridgeDealer if the full-fledged program, that does all you could expect a deal generator to do. You can, e.g., restrict a hand in terms of high-card points, controls, losers and the quality of the longest suit (two of the top three honors, e.g.). The deals can be saved to a file and/or printed on paper: each player on a different sheet, or one side together (North and South or East and West) or all four hands together. You can also browse the deals on the screen, where you can choose to see one, two, three or four hands.
  Another useuful feature is the System menu, from which you can choose a certain opening bid from one of the four pre-defined systems: Acol (weak notrump; strong two-bids), Modern Standard (1 NT 15-17; four card major suit openings; 2 clubs artificial and forcing; weak two-bids), Precision Club (1 club 16+ unbalanced or 18+ balanced; 1 diamond either a weak notrump, or 11-15 and 4+ diamonds; 1 of a major and 2 clubs 11-15, 5+suit; 1 NT 15-17; 2 diamonds 11-15 three-suiter with short diamonds; weak two-bids in the majors) and Standard American (1 NT 15-17; five card majors; 2 clubs artificial and forcing; 2 diamonds 11-16 with 5 hearts and 4 spades; weak two-bids in the majors). All you have to do is pick a system and choose an opening bid; then, the program does the rest. For a small extra cost, you could also have your own favorite system in the menu.
  There are also many statistics functions to choose among. You could e.g. check how often your partner has 6-9 HCPs and exactly three spades when East opens with 1 diamond in Modern Standard and you overcall with 1 spade. Or, if you have made a restriction that includes many alternatives, you can see how often the various alternatives occur.
  Daniel Auby, captain of the Open Swedish team, has shown his appreciation of Scania BridgeDealer, by ordering 20 copies of it to use as a training tool for the group of players aspiring on a place on the team.   And since 2002, the Romanian open team also use Scania BridgeDealer for practicing. If another National Bridge Organization is interested in a similar arrangement, just send us an e-mail, and we'll let you know our conditions.
  DealGenerator is only available for Macintosh. It is a much simpler version of Scania BridgeDealer, in that it only generates random deals. You could, however, restrict North's and South's hands in term of high card points (then, the combined strength should be between 20 and 30 HCPs). You could also print North's and South's hands on paper.
  You can download the Scania BridgeDealer demo and DealGenerator for free.

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