Bridge programs

You can download English demos of these bridge programs for free:

  1. Scania BridgeDealer (Windows and Macintosh)
  2. DealGenerator (freeware; only for Macintosh)
  3. Bridge Class 1 (Windows)
  4. Tournament 2000 (Windows)
  5. Q-plus Bridge (Windows)
  6. The Jannersten Collection (Windows)
  7. The Terence Reese Classics (Windows)
  8. Complete Partnership Defense in Bridge (Windows)
  9. View from the Top (Windows)
  10. Teach Yourself Bridge Technique (Windows)
  11. Jack (Windows)

The two first programs (1-2) are developed by Scania Bridgekonsult, the next three (3-5) from the Danish company EDBridge, the next five (6-9) from the Dutch company Arnhem Bridge Products, and the last one (11) from the Dutch company Kuijf & Kuijf Software.

For more info about the programs, choose one of the links below (Scania Bridgekonsult for Scania BridgeDealer or DealGenerator; EDBridge for Bridge Class 1, Tournament 2000 and Q-plus Bridge; Arnhem Bridge Products for The Jannersten Collection, The Terence Reese Classics, Complete Partnership Defense in Bridge, View from the Top and Teach Yourself Bridge Technique; Kuijf & Kuijf Software for Jack).

We also sell seven titles by the world's leading bridge author, three-time world champion Mike Lawrence:

For more info about those programs, click on the link Mike Lawrence below.

Bridge Master 2000 by Fred Gitelman is surely the best educational bridge program on the market. Scania Bridgekonsult sell the Scandinavian versions (in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish). They are:

A free download of the Swedish demo, with one deal on each of the five levels, is availble here. A free demo in English can be downloaded from Bridge Base.

The program The Encylopedia of Bridge Conventions is a CD based on the four books in the series Bridge – Classic and Modern Conventions, compiled by Dan Dimitrescu and Nicu Kantar and published by Magnus Lindkvist.
  To read more about The Encylopedia of Bridge Conventions, click on the link Encyclopedia below.

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