Modern Standard – the Swedish standard system

Modern Standard (MS) is the name of the bidding system, which can be consider the Swedish standard system. It is described in four volumes, of which the first (when our side has opened the bidding) is published by Svenska Bridgeförlaget, the other volumes by Scania Bridgekonsult. Volume II is on defensive bidding; volume III on slam bidding and volume IV on defensive technique.
  The corner stones in MS are 15-17 notrump and "hearts-clubs-spades-diamonds" (telling you with which suit to open if you hold a balanced hand outside the strength of a notrump opening with two four-card suits). Jacoby 2 NT; Negative doubles and Checkback Stayman are also parts of the system. It is not mandatory to use a special set of two-openings. The most common structure is 2 clubs as artificial and forcing, and the other two-openings weak; but there are also lots of players who prefer strong two-openings à la Acol.

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