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Bridge Programs with Mike Lawrence

The world's leading bridge author, three-time world champion Mike Lawrence, has produced several excellent bridge programs together with the world's leading developer of software for bridge players, Fred Gitelman on Bridge Base Inc. We sell eight of Mike's titles: About the programs

Counting at Bridge – The big difference between the expert and the average player is that expert's ability to draw valid conclusions from the bidding and the play. One important ingredience is the abilty to count, but no higher mathematics is needed. If you can count to thirteen, you have what is needed to become a good bridge player. Lawrence shows how you put all pieces of evidence together to be able to produce declarer play and defense of top quality.

Defense – Defense is generally considered the hardest part of the game of bridge. Since you can't see your partner's cards, much of what you do will be based on assumptions and deductions. But the bidding, the opening lead and the plan declarer chooses give you lots of clues – if you know how to use them.

Conventions – Much have been written about conventions, and to decide which ones to add to your own system isn't easy. Lawrence has choosen some of the best and discusses in depth how to use them if you want to be a winner. Dozens of new conventions; hundreds of example deals; thousands of interactive quizzes.

The Two Over One System – The world's most popular bidding system is surely the Two over one system, which is based on five-card major suit openings and the response two over one as forcing to game. Lawrence shows which advantages you gain from such a structure and gives lots of examples how you find your best contract within this framework.

Counting at Bridge 2 – This is a follow-up of Mike Lawrence's highly popular program Counting at Bridge. It consists of 100 new deals, but there is also a section on bidding, with emphasis on judgment, not methods.

Private Bridge Lessons 1 – consists of more than 100 challenging deals. It covers declarer play techniques like simple squeezes, throw-ins, card reading, percentages, safety plays and a couple of "mystic deals". The tries to solve the problems himself, but Mike Lawrence is in the backgroudn, ready to point you in the right direction, should you need a helping hand...

Private Bridge Lessons 2 – This program is similar to Private Bridge Lessons 1, once again with 100 example deals. The various techniques are simple squeezes, throw-ins, dummy reversal, card reading, crossruff, loser-on-loser and trump coups.

Mike's Advice – This proram consists of 333 ordinary, but tricky bidding problems, divided into 24 chapters. It's primarily aimed at relatively new bridge players, but even if you are an experienced bridge player, you can benefit from the program to review what you know. The emphasis is on judgement, not methods.

If you live in North America, it is probably cheaper and quicker to order the programs directly from Mike Lawrence. If you live nearer Sweden and want to order from Scania Bridgekonsult, just send an e-mail.

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