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There are much for bridge players on the web, if you know where to look. We also have our favorites and can recommend these. If you click the name, you'll get to their home page.
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The World Bridge Federation
Here you will find information about world championships and get addresses to the national bridge organizations around the world.

Förbundet Svensk Bridge
On the site of the Swedish Bridge federation, you can read about everything that happens on the Swedish bridge scene.

European Bridge League
On the European Bridge League's homepage you'll find information about all bigger tournaments in Europe, and more.

American Contract Bridge League
If you plan to go to the United States and play a National (one of their four yearly championships), this is where you'll find such information, and much more.

ECats Bridge
Here you find lots of useful information from WBF (the World bridge federation) and EBL (the European bridge federation), plus all there is to know about the online Simultaneous Pairs contests, including results, scores and all deals with comments. The site is very well run by Anna Gudge and Mark Newton.

The Bridge World
Bridge World is considered to be the best bridge magazine in the world. It was founded by Ely Culbertson, and was run for many years by the late Edgar Kaplan. Since his death a few years ago, Jeff Rubens runs the magazine with the same skill and enthusiasm as his former boss.

Bridge Today University
Pamela and Matthew Granovetter run bridge courses over the Internet och sell many of their excellent books and software.

Michael Lawrence
Many times world champion Michael Lawrence is one of our own favorites, which partly explains why we have translated three of his books to Swedish. Here you can buy some of his books and CD's or take a look at one of his many cute problems.

Discussing the Law
The Law of Total Tricks is a fascinating concept, but how reliable is it? In 2004 Mike Lawrence wrote a book together with Anders Wirgren, titled I Fought The Law of Total Tricks, which questions the accuracy of the Law and proposes an entirely new way of valuing bridge hands. This site extends the discussion in the book.

Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen is one of America's most successful bridge players, well known for his books on the Law of total tricks. The first of these, To Bid or Not to Bid, has been translated to Swedish on Scania Bridgekonsult. Here you can take a closer look at his books and CD's or read some of his interesting articles.

Phillip Alder
Phillip Alder writes a syndicated column, which is published in many North American newspapers. Here you can read all his columns from 2002 and 2003. You can also order The Daily Bridge Calender and Alder's own book Get Smarter at Bridge.

Dan Neill
Cool bidding systems, experienced bridge mentor.

Views From The Bridge Table
A bridge blog, written by Swedish international Ulf Nilsson, where he presents interesting deals and discusses both bidding theory and card play technique.

Free at The Bridge Table
A bridge blog, written by Frederick Staelens, Belgium. Here you find analyses of bridgehands, conventions, defensive problems, bidding problems, poor bridge, funny stories, and more.

Bridge Blogger
A bridge blog written by Swedish champion Gunnar Elmroth. Here you find discussions and deals from international play, Swedish top tournaments and local tournaments.

Warren Buffett Bridge Cup
In 2006 twelve top players from Europe meet twelve top players from North America, in a match similar to the Ryder Cup of golf, and held in the days leading up to the Ryder Cup. The match will be played every second year and is sponsored by the second wealthiest man in the world 2006 (according to Forbes magazine), the investor and bridge enthusiast Warren Buffett.

Great Bridge Links
Here are links to many bridge sites, useful no matter if you are looking for a bridge program, want to know when a certain championship is played, wants to play on-line or just looking for something to read.

Bridge Topics
A site started in the autumn 2010 by Jan van Cleeff, where you get the latest news from the bridge world and a lot of useful bidding advice from many times world champion Eric Rodwell.

Links to many bridge sites on the Internet, divided into categories: bridge clubs, software, international websites, and more.

International Bridge CyberFair
The International Bridge CyberFair is for schools, clubs, federations, teachers, individuals to use the Internet to share resources, establish partnerships and build relationships. The fair have the finest collection of articles, practice hands, interactive quizzes, educational material and everything about bridge.

Bridge Corner
International forum for all Bridge players and friends.

Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies
The world's largest supplier of bridge stuff has almost anything you could want regarding bridge: prizes, ash trays, decks, etc – and also most bridge titles published.

Master Point Press
The world's leading bridge publisher in English, with many new titles every year. Some are re-publications of books originally published elsewhere, but which has been sold out.

Mastering Bridge
Lots of material for bridge teachers and their pupils. There is also a forum for discussing pedagogy and interesting topics. Started by Master Point Press.

More than a dozen contributors write on Master Point Press' blog. It grows all the time and can, according to MPP, be viewed as an Internet bridge magazine with no fixed publication date.

Master Point Press offers many of its titles for downloading in ebook format (PDF). Many sold out titles are found here, as well as many which you also can get in printed versions.

Bridge site in Italian with lots of information.

Jannersten's publishing house was founded by the legendary Eric Jannersten and is now run by his son, Per.

Svenska Bridgeförlaget
On this Swedish site you can order anything related to bridge: books, software, tables, bidding boxes, tournament equipment, etc.

Since 2002 they produce and commercialize bridge game equipmentwith their own, exclusive style. Unique in the market.

OKBridge is both the first online bridge club ever and the world's largest bridge club (most members). Why not take a look for yourself and see why so many of the famous names are playing here. Choose between matchpoints, IMPs and rubber bridge.

Bridge Base Online
This is Fred Gitelman's online bridge club, where you can play, view matches from big international events while they are being played, and more. And it's 100% free.

Topbridge is a Norwegian online bridge club, and for a short period they have got many members. Are you interested in playing bridge online, Topbridge may very well be something for you.

Hua Hin Bridge Club - Thailand
Bridge every Thursday and Sunday. Start at 4.00 Pm, with a short break for refreshment. Address: Thipurai City Hotel, 8/5-7 Soi Kanjanomai Poolsuk Road, Hua hin Prachuabkirikhan, 77110 Thailand.

Dabrisoft is a Danish company, which has produced lots of programs with which you can practice declarer play or defense. Demo versions can be downloaded for free.

EDBridge is a Danish company which has produced many excellent bridge programs. Sseven of them are sold by Scania Bridgekonsult: Tournament 2000, Bridge Class Plus, Bridge Master 2000 Scandinavia Neo and Bridge Master 2000 Scandinavia Level 1-5. Some of the programs exist in demo versions, free to download.

PBN Home Page
Different bridge programs save their deals in different formatsm which means deals generated from one program may be useless to another. Therefore, a universal format was created – PBN (Portable Bridge Notation), which many bridge programs use today. Here you'll find everything you need to know about PBN.

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