Computer generated deals

Now we can offer computer generated deals for those who wants to practice something special with his/her partner. The deals are generated with Scania BridgeDealer, and you can restrict one, two or three of the hands in many ways.
  One example: South should have a balanced hand with 12-14 HCPs, that includes four or five hearts and at most three spades, or an unbalanced hand with 11-16 HCPs and hearts as the longest suit (possibly with a minor suit of the same length). West should have a three-suiter (4-4-4-1 or 5-4-4-4 distribution) with short hearts and 11-16 HCPs. If he has 4-4-4-1, he has no singleton honor; if he has 5-4-4-0, the five-card suit is always spades. North has either a two-suiter with 5-6 spades, exactly four cards in either minor and 7-10 HCP; or a balanced hand with 13-15 HCPs, or an unbalanced hand with diamonds as the longest suit and at most 10 HCPs.

Free sample
We have made a small sample (5 sets of 32 deals each; only North's and South's hands; text files), which you can download for free. Choose between Macintosh and Windows.

The deals can be printed in three formats. Suppose you want to practice the North and South hands. Then, you probably want to have North's hands on one sheet, and South's hands on another. But you could also have both hands together. That is useful if you want to test a new convention and like to see how it works all by yourself. Furthermore, you can print the full deal. The hands are printed on a Macintosh computer, which guarantees a nice and orderly lay-out.
  The deals are sold in different packages: (a) North and South seperately, (b) North and South seperately and North and South together, (c) North and South seperately and the full deals, (d) North and South seperately, North and South together and the full deals.

Price examples (SEK)
50 100 200 500
(a) 25 45 80 200
(b) 45 90 150 375
(c) 50 100 175 425
(d) 75 150 225 500

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