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EDBridge is a Danish company that develops bridge programs for Windows. Scania Bridgekonsult sells English versions of three of their programs:

Problems with Windows XP and Service Pack 2

EDBridge's older programs may give the user problems if he has Windows XP and Service Pack 2. To get the programs to work as they should, you need to download both a patch and instructions how to use it.

About the programs

Before you start playing, choose bidding system and language. During the bidding, you should always try to make the bid you think is right, but if you choose one which is unreasonable according to the chosen system, the program objects. In the play of the cards, you are free to do exactly what you want – but keep in mind that your opponents, East and West, defend very well, so don't play too hasty!

Bridge Class 1 is a program for bidding and declarer play. The deals are randomly generated, which means that you can use the program over and over again without having to play the same deals a second time.

Tournament 2000 consists of three tournaments of 117 deals each (qualification, semi-final and final), which have previously been played in Danish mixed pairs championships. When a deal is finished, you first get to see what happened at the other tables, what score your result gets, and your position in the tournament (matchpoints and percentage).

Q-plus Bridge is one of the very best bridge playing programs. This version (7.5) comes in two languages: English and Danish. The standard of play is high, both in the bidding and the play of the cards; and there are lots of useful features.

You can download demo versions of the programs free of charge by clicking "download" at the bottom of the page.

The programs are sold on CD-ROM. Our prices: Bridge Class 1 SEK 440, Tournament 2000 SEK 400, and Q-plus Bridge SEK 600. Freight is not included.

System requirements:

Bridge Master 2000 Scandinavia

The Scandinavian versions of Fred Gitelman's excellent program Bridge Master 2000 exist in three languages: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

We also have Bridge Master 2000 Scandinavia Level 5, but it is a supplement, which you only can use if you have Bridge Master 2000 Scandinavia Level 4 installed on your hard drive.

If you are interested in buying any of these programs, send an e-mail to Scania Bridgekonsult.

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