Augie Boehm:

Three Notrump in Depth

Photo of the book

3 notrump is often referred to as "Everyone's favorite contract". Rightly so, since it is a contract with something magical to it. At pairs it can bring in all the matchpoints when the field is playing in a trump contract, or you may collect valuable overtricks. At IMPs, it is often safer to play game without a trump suit.
  The book discusses both the bidding: how do you reach 3 notrump, when is it a possible contract, when is it better to play something else; as well as the play and the defense.
  The author is a concert pianist and bridge teacher in New York City. He is widely regarded as one of the best teachers and writers in USA.

Published in 2007
ISBN 0-9728061-6-4
Prce: SEK 145:-

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