Mats Nilsland & Anders Wirgren:

Super Standard

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Super Standard is a sophisticated bidding system, which can be said to be an extension of the natural principles laid down in the Swedish standard system Modern Standard (MS). The authors have used the system succesfully in international competition, winning a World Championship bronze medal, a Nordic Championship silver medal and a Swedish Championship gold medal.
  The one level opening bids are as in Modern Standard, with the difference that 1 club is either natural or a 17-19 notrump. Tha latter hand type is shown with a 1 NT rebid, a cornerstone of the system. Furthermore, the notrump range is lowered to 14-16 HCPs, so if you open with 1 diamond or 1 heart and rebid 1 NT you show 11-13 HCPs.

Published in 1990
ISBN 91-87416-06-9
The title is out of stock, but the system is available both as an e-book and as a paper copy or on diskette.

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