Greg Matula:

The Polish Club

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Not many countries have had so many successes in international championships as Poland. One of the reasons is that they have many top-class players, another that they have excellent bidding methods.
  Just like the Americans have their American Standard, the British their Acol system and we in Sweden Modern Standard, the Poles too have their national bidding system, which emerged after a series of articles in the Polish bridge magazine Brydz. The corner stone is the opening bid 1 club , a bid with multiple meanings. Usually it's a balanced hand in the 12-14 HCP range and without five-card majors, but it may also be a stronger variety – hence, the bid is forcing for one round.
  Matula describes the different opening bids and the further bidding in this efficient and aggressive bidding system. Lots of examples show how the Polish Club works in real life.

Published in 1994
ISBN 91-87416-15-8
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