Augie Boehm:

Matchpoints versus IMPs

This book has the subtitle "Different Games, Different Strategies", and that is exactly what Augie Boehm writes about.
  In matchpoints, the important thing is to beat as many resultats as possible. It doesn't matter by how much. If all other North-South pairs are +110, it isn't better to have +1100 than +120. In both cases you beat the other pairs and score a top. At IMPs, though, the size of the difference is paramount. If you score +120 against the other table's +110, you don't win a single IMP, but if you score +1100 your team wins 14 IMPs.
  This difference in scoring means that matchpoints and IMPs in fact are "two different games", and that you may need to use different strategies in matchpoints than in IMPs. Boehm discuess the various problems you may encounter with regards to part-scores, games, slams, sacrifices, opening leads, declarer play, and more.

Publidhed in: 2010
ISBN 978-0-9664286-4-3
Price: SEK 150:-

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