Ib Axelsen & Villy Dam:

Overraskende overstik

Photo of the book

If you play matchpoints, the important thing is to beat as many results as possible, but if you do it with 20 points or 1100 points doesn't matter. For that reason, the overtricks are very important at matchpoint. If you ar declarer in a cozy 3 notrump contract with 27 HCP between two balanced hands, you can assume the rest of the field to play the same contract. Then, it's high time to go out hunting for overtricks.
  The book consists of 58 problems, presented two at the time on any right hand page, and with the solutions on the following left hand page. Besides the bidding and the opening lead, you also get a tip guiding you in the right direction (when it comes to taking as many tricks as possible). If you succeed, you wil get one or more overtricks – and a good score on the board.
  Overraskende overstik is written in Danish by two of Denmark's best bridge writers. It is the thirteenth and last volume of EDBridge's Teknikserie.

Published in 2003
ISBN 87-91281-12-1
Price: SEK 95:-

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