Anders Wirgren:

Modern Standard, del IV –
Försvarstekniken i bridge

Photo of the book

The fourth, and so far the last, volume in the description of the Swedish standard system, is not a book on bidding but on defensive technique, i.e. the methods you use in defending a contract. Here the reader learns much about opening leads, signals, discards and returns. There are lots of instructive examples, so the text is easy to follow, even though the subject is large.
  The author recommends different opening lead methods versus notrump or suit play, respectively, because what is important in notrump differs from what is important at suit play. And during the play, you shouldn't be restricted to using the same methods as for the opening lead; the sight of dummy often means you can choose a better card to play then when you only see your own thirteen cards.

Published in 1989
ISBN 91-87416-04-2
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