Magnus Lindkvist & Anders Wirgren:

Modern Standard del II –
Mothandsbudgivningen i bridge

Photo of the book

The subject of the second volume in the description of the Swedish standard system is when the opponents has opened the bidding. Since it happens on roughly every second deal, the subject is of great importance – even more, since the opponents are already a little ahead in the exchange of information, due to their opening bid.
  This last reason means good methods are needed. In this book, the authors describe a model which is popular among the better players in Sweden, and which can de deemed standard. A simple overcall was once regarded as a nuisance call or suggesting the lead, but is today seen as the first step towards finding a good contract. The overcalls have been stronger, which means the take-out double is more narrowly defined. The possibility to back into the bidding later – balancing – if the opponents stay at a low level, means you don't have to overcall on marginal hands. Pass if often a good call!
  This second printing is rewritten and updated, with a new chapter on doubles and redoubles.

Published in: 1997 (second printing)
ISBN 91-87416-00-X
Price: SEK 175:-

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