Mats Nilsland & Anders Wirgren:

Modern Standard, del I –
Det naturliga bridgesystemet

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During the 1970's many different bidding systems were used in Sweden. The older generation used Culbertson och Efos, while the younger players preferred the more aggressive British system Acol. Eventually, the various trends resulted in a Swedish standars system, which Mats Nilsland named Modern Standard – and then described in a book in 1978.
  Mats' goal with the book was to show what was considered "standard" in Sweden, but also to teach principles for good hand valuation and to show how a bidding system is constructed. Furthermore, he presented various suggestions how to make the system even better.
  When the book was rewritten in 1991, by Anders Wirgren, many of Mats Nilsland's suggestions from 1978 were incorporated, so that it still can claim to ba a modern standard system.
  The fourth edition from 1999 had some more changes – to make the system more efficient and simpler, and the fifth edition, from 2010, differs to some extents from the former editions.

Published in: 2010 (Svenska Bridgeförlaget; fifth edition)
ISBN 978-91-978050-5-6
Price: SEK 200:-

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