Pamela & Matthew Granovetter:

Forgive Me, Partner!

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How do you create a succesful partnership and keep it alive? Technique, conventions, system? In part, yes, but it is just as important that you are in tune with your partner – not only regarding methods but also "style", like agreeing to prefer, say, passive leads versus major suit games (unless you have other information to guide you) or that you prefer to respond 1 NT to 1 C with 4-3-3-3 distribution and 8-10 HCP, even if your four-card suit is a major. Other imprtant issues are how you handle stress or discuss disasters.
  Three chapters are written by Larry Cohen, dealing with how to form a partnership to get most out of it in terms of joy and results.

Published in 1997
ISBN 0-940257-21-1
Price: SEK 165:-

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