Pamela & Matthew Granovetter:

For Experts Only

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In the early 1980's, Pamela and Matthew Granovtter wrote a series of articles in The Bridge World magazine. They called them "For experts only" to suggest that the content was at a higher level then is usual for a bridge magazine.
  Eventually, they started their own magazine, Bridge Today, and stopped writing in The Bridge World. They had planned to gather their articles in a book, but that project had to be postponed. But when they ran into a series of articles on advanced play techniques, which Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone had written in The Bridge World in the early 60's, "What Do You Play–and Why?", they decided to realize their old plan, and in one volume publish articles from some of the best bridge writers in the world.
  Except for Roth, Stone and the Granovetter's you will find interesting material from Edwin Kantar, Alan Truscott, Jeff Rubens, Bobby Lipsitz, Phil Martin, Kit Woolsey, Terence Reese, Eric Kokish, Steve Bloom, Martin Hoffman and Michael Rosenberg.

Published in 1993
ISBN 0-940257-16-5
Price: SEK 165:-

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