Mike Lawrence:

Spela Bridge Med En Världsmästare

Photo of the book

In this book the three times world champion Mike Lawrence takes ut to a big American tournament. We sit down behind him to watch how he bids and plays. After every deal he makes an estimate of what his result is worth in match-points and tries to figure out how he and his partner Alex are doing in the tournament.
  Lawrence and his partner often make mistakes or get bad scores when the opponents do something good. That means it's a realistic description of a big pairs tournament, not a collection of great hands played by Mike Lawrence.
  Scania Bridgekonsult has also published Lagbridge med Lawrence, a book written in the same style, but there it's IMP play, not match-points.

Translated by Andreas Könyves
Published in 1991
ISBN 91-87416-10-7
The title is out of stock, but it is available as an e-book.

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