Magnus Lindkvist (editor):

Bridge – Classic and Modern Conventions, volume 4

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The monumental work on conventions, published by Magnus Lindkvist, is to a large extent based on the Romanian book Modern Bridge Conventions and Systems, which Nicu Kantar and Dan Dimitrescu published in 1974 and 1976, but it also covers much from the last years of the previous millenium and from the first years of the this one.
   The fourth, and final, volume is on 578 pages (including glossary and index), which means that the whole series consists of no less than 2008 pages.
   The content of volume four is:
   (1) Interferences after openings in a suit at the one level (the opponents open with one of a suit: natural suit overcalls, two-suited overcalls, notrump overcalls, doubles, balancing interference),
   (2) Interferences after one notrump openings (the opponents open with 1 notrump: two-suiters, three-suiters, two- or three-suiters, one- or two-suiters, doubles),
   (3) Defenses (defense against strong one club, defenses against 2 diamonds Multi, defenses against weak 3- and 4-level openings, defenses against weak 2-level openings, other defenses),
   (4) Continuations by the opening side after interference over an opening bid in a suit (the opponents interfere after our opening bid with one of a suit: doubles, redoubles, cue-bids, after a take-out double, after a natural suit overcall, after other overcalls),
   (5) Continuations by the opening side after interference over one notrump opening (the opponents interfere after our opening bid of one notrump: after an overcall, after a double),
   (6) Continuations by the interfering side (continuation after partner's overcall or double: doubles; redoubles and cue-bids; transfers; other continuations),
   (7) Preamble to defensive play (the start of the defense: lead-directing bids, opening leads), and
   (8) Signals (attitude signals, count signals, suit preference signals, complex signals).

Published in 2003
ISBN 91-631-1099-7
Price: SEK 300:-

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