Magnus Lindkvist (editor):

Bridge – Classic and Modern Conventions, volume 3

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The third volume in Magnus Lindkvist's giant work on bidding conventions is so far the biggest in the series (600 pages) and consists of these departments:
   (1) Opening bids in a suit at the two level and continuations (2-level opening bids in a suit: natural, two-suited, three-suited and artificial),
   (2) Forcing opening bids in a suit at the two level and continuations (strong two openings: natural or artificial),
   (3) Natural two notrump openings and continuations (natural 2NT openings),
   (4) Opening bids on a higher level and continuations (specialized higher opening bids: preempts showing a solid suit; artificial preempts),
   (5) Psychic opening bids (systemic psychic opening bids, as part of certain bidding systems),
   (6) Slam bidding (asking bids for aces; cue-bids; asking bids; slam tries; grand slam force), and
   (7) Strong pass systems (systems where a pass in first or second seat shows at least the strength for an opening bid in a natural system).

Published in 2003
ISBN 91-631-1099-7
Price: SEK 300:-

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