Magnus Lindkvist (editor):

Bridge – Classic and Modern Conventions, volume 1

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The first volume in Magnus Lindkvist's encyclopedic work on bidding is divided into four parts.
  The first part, Generalities, deals with general principles, hand evaluation, fits and definitions.
  The second part, Bidding Systems, give brief descriptions of 57 different bidding systems, divided into these sub-groups: natural systems; strong club; strong diamond; weak opening systems and other systems.
  The third part is Responses to Natural Suit Openings: with trump support; without trump support; natural 2NT and 3NT; artificial responses; responses by a passed hand.
  The fourth and final part deals with Continuations after Natural Suit Openings.

Published in 2001
ISBN 91-631-1099-7
Price: SEK 250:-

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