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In 1966 the French bridge theoretician Jean-René Vernes wrote an article in the American bridge magazine The Bridge World, which has had great influence on bidding theory ever since. Vernes had studied a vast number of deals from world championship play and found that if you added the number of tricks North-South could take if they were allowed to play in their best trump suit to the sum of tricks East-West could take in their best trump suit, the result tended to be the same as if you added the cards in North-South's best trump suit to the cards in East-West's best trump suit. The total number of tricks tends to equal the total number of trumps.
  If North-South's best trump suit is diamonds (eight cards) and East-West's best trump suit is clubs (nine cards), then it's likely that the total number of tricks on the deal, i.e. the tricks North-South can take in a diamond contract added to the tricks East-West can take if clubs are trumps, is 17 (8+9).
  Cohen's book is all about Verne's theory, usually know as the Law of total tricks or the Law. He shows how the theory works, its defects (there are some) and how you could overcome them by adjusting the count. He also gives many examples of its usefulness in real life.

Translated by Anders Wirgren
Published in 1994
ISBN 91-87416-14-X
Price: SEK 170:-

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