Hugh Kelsey:

Spela Bättre Försvar

Photo of the book

This is the Swedish translation of Hugh Kelsey's Improve your Partner's Defence, a book which shows how you with small efforts can get your partner to find the winning defense as often as possible, especially in situations where it's easy to make mistakes. For that reason the English title is a little mis-leading, its main point being how you can give your partner a helping hand.
  In the heat of the battle, it's too easy to blame partner for letting a contract make, and it's more difficult to realize that it may have happened because you didn't provide him with the help he needed. The reader who realizes that is on his way to become a great bridge player – and a popular partner.
  After reading Spela Bättre Försvar, you and your partner (who also should read the book) will be feared opponents by any declarer.

Published in 1993
Translated by Andreas Könyves
ISBN 91-87416-12-3
Price: SEK 140:-

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