Mats Nilsland:

Absolute Doubles – the Scanian Way

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Once upon a time, double was just a way of saying "I think I can defeat the opponents' contract". But today it has been used for other purposes, e.g. asking partner to choose one of the other suits or to try for game.
  But in spite of all these take-out doubles, responsive doubles, negative doubles or whatever they are called, the general opinion is that a double is for penalty, unless you have otherwise defined. Mats Nilsland gives you another way of looking at the problem, saying – in this, the fourth volume of Scania Bridgekonsult's convention series – that if you haven't explicitly agreed that a double is for penalty, it should be for take-out. Then, the important thing is to decide in which situations you can make a traditional penalty double. When that is done, all other doubles are for take-out.   Exactly what 'take-out' means can also be discussed. Sometimes you claim to have support for all unbid suits (the traditional interpratiation), sometimes your hand is too strong for a natural alternative, and at other times you want to bid something but can't come up with a bid.   Mats Nilsland gives many examples how double is best used when all your opponents loves to pre-empt or tries to disrupt your methods of communication. But with Absolute Doubles in your bag, you may hurt them more than they hurt you!

Published in 1998
ISBN 91-87416-18-2
ISSN 1100-8547
Price: SEK 120:-

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