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Scania Bridgekonsult has published the following titles, most of them in Swedish. If you press one of the links, you'll get more information about the chosen book. If it's an English title, you can also read a short excerpt.
  If you want to order one of our books, it's probably cheaper for you to get if from your local bridge supplier. Otherwise, send an e-mail to Scania Bridgekonsult for information on how to proceed.

  1. Lindkvist/Wirgren: Modern Standard, del II – Mothandsbudgivningen i bridge
  2. Lindkvist/Wirgren: Modern Standard del III – Slambudgivningen i bridge
  3. Lindkvist/Wirgren: EM-Guldet 1987
  4. Nilsland/Wirgren: Major Suit Raises – the Scanian Way
  5. Wirgren: Modern Standard, del IV – Försvarstekniken i bridge
  6. Wirgren: Lär Dig Spela Bridge i TV
  7. Nilsland/Wirgren: Super Standard
  8. Lawrence: Värdera Din Hand
  9. Ödlund: Hjärnjogging
  10. Lindkvist/Nilsland/Wirgren: Notrump Bidding – the Scanian Way
  11. Lawrence: Spela Bridge Med En Världsmästare
  12. Kelsey: Bridgefinalen
  13. Kelsey: Spela Bättre Försvar
  14. Lawrence: Lagbridge med Lawrence
  15. Cohen: Bjuda Över Eller Inte Bjuda Över
  16. Matula: The Polish Club
  17. Nilsland: Strong Club – the Scanian Way
  18. Nilsland: Absolute Doubles – the Scanian Way
  19. Gjerling/Hallén/Wirgren/Nilsland/Lindeberg: Skånsk Bridge i Sven Weliths Sällskap

In the end of 2004 an unusual book was printed: I Fought The Law of Total Tricks, written by Anders Wirgren together with the world'd leading bridge author, three-time world champion Mike Lawrence from USA. We have put up a site (in English), where we will continue the discussion started in the book.

We also sell these books by Scania Bridgekonsults's founders (Mats Nilsland, Magnus Lindkvist and Anders Wirgren), which weren't published by Scania Bridgekonsult.

  1. Gullberg/Wirgren: Bridge på Lätt Sätt
  2. Nilsland/Wirgren: Modern Standard, del I
  3. Lindkvist: Bridge – Classic and Modern Conventions, volume 1
  4. Lindkvist: Bridge – Classic and Modern Conventions, volume 2
  5. Lindkvist: Bridge – Classic and Modern Conventions, volume 3
  6. Lindkvist: Bridge – Classic and Modern Conventions, volume 4

Then we have some books published by Granovetter Books, Devyn Press, Mikeworks, Magnus Books, C & T Bridge Supplies, HNB Publishing and Masterpoint Press:

  1. Pamela & Matthew Granovetter: Tops and Bottoms
  2. Falk: Spingold Challenge
  3. Pamela & Matthew Granovetter: Conventions At A Glance
  4. Pamela & Matthew Granovetter: For Experts Only
  5. Pamela & Matthew Granovetter: Forgive me, partner!
  6. Matthew Granovetter: Bridge Additions 96
  7. Martin Hoffman & Matthew Granovetter: Jenny Mae the Bridge Pro
  8. Augie Boehm: Demon Defense and Demon Doubling
  9. Augie Boehm: Three Notrump in Depth
  10. Augie Boehm: Wielding the Axe
  11. Augie Boehm: Matchpoint versus IMPs
  12. Mike Lawrence: How To Read Your Opponents' Cards
  13. Mike Lawrence: Dynamic Defense at Bridge
  14. Mike Lawrence: Play Bridge with Mike Lawrence
  15. Mike Lawrence: Double! New Meanings for an Old Bid
  16. Mike Lawrence: The Complete Book on Takeout Doubles
  17. Mike Lawrence: Opening Leads
  18. Mike Lawrence: The Complete Book on Overcalls

Finally, we have one book published by Svenska Bridgeförlaget and one Danish book from EDBridge.

  1. Max Ödlund: Max Bridge
  2. Ib Axelsen & Villy Dam: Overraskende overstik

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