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Arnhem Bridge Products is a Dutch company, which produces high quality bridge software based on some of the best bridge books ever written.

The Jannersten Collection

The Jannersten Collection CD-ROM contains Find the Errors (75 deals) and The Only Chance (83 deals) in Swedish, English and Dutch. The supplement Card Reading (70 deals) is also available in either of those languages. The main difference between the books and the programs is that you can not only read about the deals; but you can also play them yourself against the computer – a merciless opponent. The programs use software from Bridge Base Inc., and their functions and look are similar to Bridge Base's classic program Bridge Master.
    A free demo (in English or Swedish) is available to download. See below.

The Reese Classics

Terence Reese from Great Britain must be considered the best bridge author of all times, and many of his books are classics which have been read over and over again by thousands of bridge players from all over the world.
   The Terence Reese Classics consists of Reese's two best and most wellknown books: Play Bridge With Reese (75 deals) and Master Play (also published in England under the name of The Expert Game; 130 deals). Furthermore, there is a third book, Play These Hands With Me (68 deals), which can be bought as a supplement.
   There is a free demo to download. See below.

Complete Partnership Defense in BridgeKit Woolsey's book Partnership Defense in Bridge (Devyn Press, USA, 1980; 304 pages) may very well be the best book ever written on defense. It stresses the partnership aspect: the the defenders' best chance of defeating declarer is to act together, as a pair. In the end of 2004 the book appeared in a new, enhanced version to be used on the computer.
   The program comes in three different languages: English, Swedish and Dutch, and the name is Complete Partnership Defense in Bridge.

View from the TopMany times world champion Bob Hamman is the most successful American bridge player ever. He played on the American national team for the first time in 1964, and he is still on the team more than 40 years later. For many years, he was the number one player in the world.
   View from the Top is an interactive program, written by Hamman together with bridge writer Barry Rigal. The program aims at two things: to provide the user with 35 very interesting deals and to show how a true expert handles problems at the table. Both the auction and the play (and defense in a number of cases) are extensively discussed and provide valuable lessons in each area. The program contains a wealth of pictorial material and even a film clip featuring Bob Hamman.
    It is available in three languages: English, Swedish and Dutch.

Teach Yourself Bridge TechniqueDavid Bird from England has written more than 90 bridge books. But Teach Yourself Bridge Technique is his debut in the computer world. This interactive program is for intermediate players, who wish to improve their technique. Two of the twelve chapters are humerous, not surprisingly featuring Bird's most loved characters: the munks at St Titus and the nuns at St Hilda.
    The program is available in two languages: Swedish and Dutch.

Free demo versions

To download a free demo of the English version of The Jannersten Collection, click here. If you prefer the Swedish version, click here instead. Next, choose "Open" to directly install the program on your hard drive, or "Save" the installer program to your hard drive and install it later.
    To download the English demo version of Complete Partnership Defense in Bridge, click here. Here too, either choose "Open" to directly install the program on your hard drive, or "Save" the demo to your hard drive and install it later.
   If you want to download a free demo of The Terence Reese Classics, click here. Choose "Open" to directly install the program on your hard drive, or "Save" the demo to your hard drive and install it later.
    To download the demo version of View from the Top in English, click here. If you prefer the Swedish demo, click here instead.
   Download the demo version of Teach Yourself Bridge Technique here.

The supplements

To use the supplement Card Reading – the art of guessing right at the bridge table (70 deals), you need to have The Jannersten Collection installed on your computer. The same goes for Play These Hands With Me, which you can't use without The Terence Reese Classics.

How to order

If you live in Sweden, order the program(s) by sending an e-mail to Scania Bridgekonsult.

The price for The Jannersten Collection is SEK 425 SEK, while the supplement Card Reading costs SEK 175. The price for Complete Partnership Defense in Bridge is SEK 360. The price for The Terence Reese Classics is SEK 425, and the supplement Play These Hands With Me costs SEK 175. Freight is not included and will be added, according to actual costs.

For North America order through Bridge Base Inc in the USA. Elsewhere contact Arnhem Bridge Products in The Netherlands.

System requirements:Windows-95 or better, CD-ROM drive.

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